Our Curriculum

Class Schedules

Love 1 – Nursery 1

Love 2 – Nursery 2

Joy РKindergarten 1

Peace –¬†Kindergarten 2

Our Curriculum

Designed & tailored towards the holistic development of each child, our curriculum aims to give each child the opportunity to explore and to express creatively.

Develop skills and competence through literacy activities / games; stories and rhymes alphabet knowledge.

Exposure & Skills


Elements of music with expressive and creative activities.

Music & Movement


Concept of numbers and fundamental understanding of mathematical relationships through fun and innovative ways.

Basic Math/Numeracy


Values and principles are taught through biblical stories.

Bible/Values Teaching


Learning the sounds of letters, blending them to read.



Explore and experiment different art forms with ideas, resources and materials.

Art & Craft


Develop social-emotional competencies when we play.

& Outdoor Play


Learning occurs everywhere especially when we are out on our field trips.

Educational Outings


Exposure through stories, songs and rhymes to cultivate interest in the language; develop abilities in listening, speaking, recognising Chinese characters, reading and writing.


Introduce food, cooking and skills via integration of class lessons into a fun-filled cooking session.


Develop and enhance expressive language skills and confidence.

Show & Tell

Develop gross motor skills and physical fitness in fun and enjoyable ways.

Fun & Movement